What is Parkour?

What is parkour??
Parkour is a method of physical training that develops one’s ability to overcome obstacles (both physical and mental). It involves movement that will help if one is in a reach or escape emergency situation. Underpinning this is a philosophy of altruism and useful strength, longevity, self-improvement and self-understanding.
It’s a great sport that involves gymnastics surrounded with urban elements when practicing it. It’s very enteresting to watch. Some of the things they do are pretty extreme. The movement like jump to one place to the other place is very impressive. It’s like hunt something.

This is the history from parkour. It start from David Belle. He is a person who find parkour. According to the first videos of David Belle, Parkour involved a lot of flips mixed with martial arts and huge leaps. David belle said that Parkour has the sole purpose to become efficient in case of emergency. Parkour is constantly changing and evolving.

Why I choose the site about parkour??
I choose http://parkourpedia.com/about/what-is-parkour because it is easier too understand about what is parkour. You’re not read long words which tell about parkour. It is simple explanation about parkour. This is summary about parkour.
Because it is an amazing sport. You can see from the pictures and video about parkour. You can find the items online shop. You also can find about parkour movement like at http://www. parkourtrain.net/topics/news. The spiderman film use parkour movement too. There are many parkour commuties. Such as american parkour at http://www.americanparkour.com/ and http://www.parkourgenerations.com/.

By Ika Rakhmawati F42112061


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